Turtle, Dolphin or Mermaid Love Pearl Necklace

Your Love Pearl is 100% natural pearl. Where the inner core or nuclei of many expensive cultured pearls often consist of up to 90% shell, your Love Pearl is a cultured pearl that takes a minimum of 3 to 5 years to develop within a mollusk. As the Love Pearl reaches its final maturity of 5 to 8 millimeters in diameter, the original irritant naturally dissipates, leaving only the pearl itself.
Only one of several hundred mollusks develops a quality pearl of size, roundness and luster that qualifies it to be a Love Pearl. Inside the Love Pearl package, you'll find the special can with a pearl inside, pendant with chain, and Love Pearl booklet. The Love Pearl will come in one of the five different colors, you will not know what color it is until you open it (white, cream, pink, golden, lavender).
The color will be a surprise to you!
After opening the "gift box", you will find a mussel containing the "Pearl of Love". Once you see your "Pearl of Love" you will discover how elegant and lustrous it is. Our blessed Love Pearl gift kit contains the following:
Special shaped pendant with 16" - 18" chain.
Pamphlet which explains the symbolism of each color.
Real Oyster from the ocean which contains your pearl (Oyster is not alive and is contained in a solution. Do not eat the oyster or drink the solution.

$ 12.99

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